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The Concept for Your Building

EcoGenesis SmartGrid is a system that provides a unique combination of a Building Automation System and an Energy Management System. It optimizes energy efficiency and comfort in buildings, while allowing for a reduction in operating costs and highly effective energy procurement for electricity and natural gas.

The R3 Energy team provides a turnkey solution:

Audit Phase -> Design Phase -> Installation Phase -> Commissioning & Startup Phase -> Ongoing Service & Support

All phases depend on the expertise of the R3 Energy team: R3 Energy engineers have over ten years of energy efficient management experience.

  • The Basics: What is a BAS or EMS?

    Building Automation System(s) (BAS): BAS provide the monitoring and control of different building systems, such as HVAC and lighting, by using microprocessor controllers to optimize building systems performance.  

    Energy Management System(s) (EMS): An EMS is an enhancement of BAS: Using the building BAS, the EMS uses inputs from weather channels, real-time energy prices, algorithms to fine-tune temperature and pressure set points and design scheduling to optimize energy efficiency. The EMS can also provide software analytics for fault detection and diagnostics.
  • The EcoGenesis SmartGrid Technology: How is it utilized by your building?

    EcoGenesis SmartGrid  is a Network Controller that combines a BAS and EMS. It can connect to virtually any device or system, regardless of manufacturer or communication protocol.   

    For your existing BAS/BMS: In integrating with your existing system, EcoGenesis SmartGrid provides EMS functions using algorithms with inputs from weather forecasts, energy rates, and existing BMS that will lead to a virtual upgrade of your building's technology platform.  

    New EcoGenesis SmartGrid BAS: The EcoGenesis SmartGrid will function as a fully integrated BMS/EMS through a single platform. The new system will provide the building with monitoring, trending, alarming, and control; leading to peak energy optimization and management capabilities.

EcoGenesis SmartGrid will enhance your building by the use of:

  • Building Management Capabilities

    • Real-time monitoring and control of facilities, systems, and equipment through any standard web browser, including:
      • Sophisticated alarm processing and routing, including e-mail and SMS
      • Equipment and building scheduling including: occupied/unoccupied, peak/off peak, and special events scheduling
    • Capability to integrate a Cogeneration System’s meter output data for electricity and waste heat data.
    • Sustainability tracking: Track GHG emissions and allow for green data verification
  • Energy Management Capabilities

    • Install needed metering or sub metering to record actual energy usage to assist with identifying energy measures projects and the M&V of the projects
    • Generation of historical trends and reporting: This leads to a comprehensive analyses of data and usage by R3 Energy engineers of energy resources such as: electrical demand, consumption, cost, and water and gas usage
    • Ongoing remote retro-commissioning by R3 Energy engineers of mechanical systems such as: AHUs & VAVs, fault detection, and detection of energy leaks

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