Roger WongRoger Wong
Managing Director

Roger joined R3 in 2011 as Director of Energy Investments. Roger has extensive knowledge of financial analysis, modeling, and risk management of complex financial structures. At R3, Roger has been focused on the development of private and public project financing for opportunities involving energy efficiency, renewable energy, and cogeneration (CHP) on the East Coast. He has been responsible for the development of PPA structures and modeling of project financials. In addition, Roger is responsible for energy procurement and has negotiated and advised R3 clients on over 120 million kWh and 10 million therms of energy contracts. Prior to joining R3, Roger was the head of portfolio management for a $60 million multi-strategy hedge fund focused on foreign currency, global macro, CTA, and futures trading. His responsibilities included portfolio construction, risk management, strategy evaluation, and manager selection. Roger has over 17 years of experience in alternative asset management including managed futures, convertibles bonds arbitrage, and quantitative long/short equity strategies; and has managed over $500 million convertible bonds and derivatives for Daiwa Securities for over 10 years. He earned a B.S. in Finance from the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania.