Client:Jack Resnick & Sons, Inc
Date:July 08, 2016

250 Hudson St.
New York, NY

Jack Resnick & Sons, Inc. is a premier real estate corporation with both commercial and residential properties in Manhattan. R3 Energy provides energy consulting services for over 10 commercial and residential locations by assisting in: auditing, capital improvement recommendations, ROI analyses, state, federal and utility incentive applications, and sustainability/ LEED work. R3 Energy has assisted in ENERGY STAR certifying multiple properties for Jack Resnick & Sons, Inc., including 250 Hudson Street, 315 Hudson Street, and 485 Madison Avenue in New York, NY.

250 Hudson Street in downtown Manhattan served as a commercial industrial printing building prior to its conversion to commercial office space. The building operations were inefficient by modern standards and Jonathan saw the potential to covert the building into a highly energy efficient commercial and retail building, utilizing many of the latest recognized building technologies. Through renovation and implementation of high efficiency HVAC systems, variable frequency drives (VFDs), high efficiency lighting systems, a green roof, and an advanced Building Management System (BMS) to improve operations, Jack Resnick & Sons, Inc. developed a building that operates 25% more efficiently than its counterparts (similar type commercial office buildings).

250 Hudson Street originally attained LEED Silver Certification in 2011 through R3 Energy. This was the first building in the Jack Resnick & Sons, Inc. portfolio to approach the LEED rating. To follow 250 Hudson Street, 199 Water Street attained LEED Certification in 2012 through R3 Energy. In 2012, Jack Resnick & Sons, Inc. also has registered two more commercial buildings for certification through LEED through R3 Energy. Upon renewing their LEED Certification in 2016, it is now a LEED Gold property.