Client:Cardinal Hayes High School
Date:February 25, 2015

Energy Measures Project
Cardinal Hayes High School
Bronx, NY

Since 2014, the School has worked with R3 Energy on various energy projects including:

  • Natural Gas Conversion Project: R3 Energy consulted on the implementation of natural gas usage at the School to replace No. 4 oil. R3 Energy filed the load letter with the utility, Con Edison, to determine access to gas. R3 Energy also provided energy and financial modeling to determine the financial viability of the project. R3 Energy reduced the cost from Con Edison for access to the gas for the applicable buildings.
  • NYSERDA FlexTech Program: R3 Energy applied the School to the Program and analyzed energy measures in an energy reduction plan for the School to implement. The energy measures being evaluated are: Lighting upgrades, electric pump and fan motor upgrades, VFD installation, and Steam Distribution upgrades.
  • Energy Measures Implementation: R3 Energy worked with the school on implementing an energy measures project for a LED lighting, motors, VFDs, and EMS upgrade. EcoGenesis SmartGrid® is being installed at the school early summer of 2017.