The EcoGenesis SmartGrid® Technology Concept for Your Building

EcoGenesis Infographic

EcoGenesis SmartGrid® is a Network Controller that combines a BAS/BMS and EMS. It can connect to virtually any device or system, regardless of manufacturer or communication protocol.

For your existing BAS/BMS: In integrating with your existing system, EcoGenesis SmartGrid® provides EMS functions using algorithms with inputs from weather forecasts, energy rates, and existing BMS that will lead to a virtual upgrade of your building's technology platform.

New Platform: EcoGenesis SmartGrid® will function as a fully integrated BMS/EMS through a single platform. The new system will provide the building with monitoring, trending, alarming, and control; leading to peak energy optimization and management capabilities.

EcoGenesis SmartGrid® FAQs

How does the System send alerts for Building alarms or an ICAP day?

The System will automatically send alerts via emails to building staff with recommended operation settings to reduce demand during an ICAP projected timeframe.

What cost savings come from implementing the System?

A building will be able to realize savings from daily operations by lowering peak demand for the building in heating and cooling seasons. Savings can also be obtained via utilization of the interval data and reporting for Energy Procurement Assistance.

What reporting does the System provide?

EcoGenesis SmartGrid® allows building staff to centrally monitor the energy consumed throughout the building. The System also allows access to an owner's entire portfolio of buildings through one single platform. Reporting can be custom designed to each building for weekly, monthly, or quarterly reports on energy savings and building operations.

EcoGenesis SmartGrid® will enhance your building by the use of:

  • Building Management Capabilities

    • Real-time monitoring and control of facilities, systems, and equipment through any standard web browser, including:
      • Sophisticated alarm processing and routing, including e-mail and SMS
      • Equipment and building scheduling including: occupied/unoccupied, peak/off peak, and special events scheduling
    • Capability to integrate a Cogeneration System’s meter output data for electricity and waste heat data.
    • Sustainability tracking: Track GHG emissions and allow for green data verification
  • Energy Management Capabilities

    • Install needed metering or sub metering to record actual energy usage to assist with identifying energy measures projects and the M&V of the projects
    • Generation of historical trends and reporting: This leads to a comprehensive analyses of data and usage by R3 Energy engineers of energy resources such as: electrical demand, consumption, cost, and water and gas usage
    • Ongoing remote retro-commissioning by R3 Energy engineers of mechanical systems such as: AHUs & VAVs, fault detection, and detection of energy leaks

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