Energy Modeling

R3 Energy's engineers have extensive experience modeling buildings in the residential, commercial, industrial, and educational sectors. We provide expert ASHRAE, LEED, ENERGY STAR, and NYSERDA MPP energy modeling for new construction projects.

Our engineers utilize advanced whole building simulation tools such as eQUEST and TREAT. We provide quantitative analysis to help organizations make informed design decisions that optimize the energy performance of buildings, maximize incentive opportunities, and comply with local laws and energy codes.

eQUEST is a whole building energy performance software design tool. Essentially, it is used to model energy performance and provide energy use analysis in a building, new construction or existing. We have an expert team of energy modelers that utilize the software for NYSERDA and NJP4P programs, LEED, and Section 179d energy models.

TREAT (Targeted Retrofit Energy Analysis Tool) is commonly used energy audit software for residential buildings. Our energy modelers have skills to utilize this software to help prioritize building improvements for residential building projects.