Energy Procurement Assistance

Energy as a commodity is a crucial component to a building's energy savings. Energy markets are continuously changing as evidenced by the changes in the natural gas market. With the availability of longer-term hedges and the boom in Marcelus shale, natural gas is now the most reliable and stable source of fuel in the New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut areas.

R3 Energy actively tracks the electricity and natural gas markets for clients to determine the optimal pricing environment for them to enter into an energy contract.

R3 Energy's approach to energy procurement assistance for clients is to implement three states of assistance:

  1. Energy Contract Review
    R3 Energy performs a review of existing third-party-supplier terms and agreements. We review load changes and determine optimal terms and supply-type.

  2. Energy Contract Pricing
    R3 Energy assists with supplier contract review, supplier negotiation on pricing, and timing Energy Contract pricing.

  3. Competitive Energy Contract Bidding Process
    We then select from a pool of pre-qualified suppliers to be included in the supply RFP for a client. With the client's approval, R3 Energy conducts the RFP for electric and natural gas supplies for an Energy Contract.

Upon request, R3 Energy can provide utility bill audits and monthly or quarterly utility tracking reports to advise on changes to a building's usage. Talk to us.