NYSERDA FlexTech Consultant

R3 Energy is an approved NYSERDA FlexTech Consultant.

The New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) FlexTech Program provides New York State commercial, industrial, institutional, government, and not-for-profit sectors with objective and customized information to help customers make informed energy decisions. The FlexTech Program goal is to increase productivity and economic competitiveness of participating facilities by identifying and encouraging the implementation of cost-effective energy efficiency, technical evaluations, process improvement analysis, energy master plans, retro-commissioning, and development of Peak Load Curtailment Plans (PLCPs), as well as Combined Heat and Power (CHP) projects.

Cost sharing incentives are available to eligible participants for the following types of Studies:

    • General Energy Feasibility Studies
    • Peak-Load Reduction and Load Management
    • Industrial and Process Efficiency Analysis
    • Data Center Efficiency Analysis
    • Energy Efficiency Retro-Commissioning
    • Long-Term Energy and Carbon Management
    • Combined Heat and Power (CHP) Studies
    • Peak-Load Curtailment Plan

R3 Energy will determine a SOW for a Project and choose the appropriate Study to apply for. Upon receiving approval, we would conduct an energy audit, and provide the technical reporting that corresponds to our energy analysis. The Project will attain a NYSERDA-approved Study upon final approval. Ultimately, implementing measures recommended through the Study will result in annual energy cost savings for your facility.