Local Law 87: Audit & Retro-Commissioning

Local Law 87 is an energy audit and retro-commissioning report combined to be an Energy Efficiency Report (EER). The EER will be due once every 10 years after the initial report, unlike Local Law 84, which is due yearly. The EER will include an ASHRAE Level II audit report with recommendations on energy efficiency measures. For the retro-commissioning portion of the EER, R3 Energy reviews all building system operations, identifying any deficiencies and complying with all aspects of the law.

ASHRAE Level II Audit R3 Energy will perform an ASHRAE Level II Audit to comply with the Audit portion of Local Law 87. This will include:
  • On-site audit by MFBA auditors or CEM, dependent on type of building
  • Supervision of auditors by PE or registered DOB individual
  • Audit findings to be input into EER

  • On-site retro-commissioning team will include the qualifications of agents, including: PE, ACAP, and/or registered DOB individual
  • The law is requiring HVAC balancing. If the building needs HVAC balancing, the cost will have to be paid separately to a certified individual meeting LL87 requirements: (ex. Certified Test and Balance from NEBB)
  • Exceptions to retro-commissioning include LEEd buildings; please inquire on exemption if your building is LEED certified.

  • The EER in completion will be reviewed by the building owner for final approval and then submitted to the city for OneNYC requirements by the applicable deadline for each building.

Frequently Asked Questions About Local Law 87

  • What is an ASHRAE Level II energy audit?

    A Level II audit is an energy audit that includes an energy reduction plan with detailed energy calculations and financial analysis of proposed energy efficiency measures. The financial analysis allows the property to understand the financial benefits of installing energy efficient measures.
  • Which buildings must comply with LL87?

    The law requires buildings exceeding 50,000 gross square feet, or two or more buildings together exceeding 100,000 square feet that share a tax lot or are held by the same condominium ownership, to comply. There are certain exemptions for LEED and ENERGY STAR buildings.
  • When is my building due to comply with LL87?

    Last Digit of Tax Block Number Year First EER is Due
    0 2020
    1 2021
    2 2022
    3 2013
    4 2014
    5 2015
    6 2016
    7 2017
    8 2018
    9 2019
  • What is retro-commissioning?

    Retro-commissioning is a systematic process for optimizing the energy efficiency of existing building systems through the identification and correction of deficiencies in such systems, including, but not limited to, repairs of defects, cleaning, adjustments of valves, sensors, controls or programmed settings, and/or changes in operational practices.
  • What does retro-commissioning accomplish?

    Through analysis, correction, operations, and protocol; retro-commissioning certifies that all systems and operations are running efficiently.