Building owners increasingly understand the need to reduce their environmental impact and use natural resources responsibly. If your building meets the ENERGY STAR eligibility requirement, we can assist in applying for the ENERGY STAR label.

The U.S. EPA's ENERGY STAR program has developed energy performance rating systems for several commercial and institutional building types and manufacturing facilities. These ratings on a scale of 1 to 100, provide a means for benchmarking the energy efficiency of specific buildings and industrial plants against the energy performance of similar facilities. We use these ratings to evaluate the energy performance and to determine if a building or plant can qualify for ENERGY STAR recognition. Building that have an energy benchmark score of 75 or greater may qualify for the ENERGY STAR rating.

ENERGY STAR certification is available for commercial buildings, and now your Multifamily Housing properties are also eligible for the ENERGY STAR rating. The new ENERGY STAR score for Multifamily Housing, released in September 2014, applies to any buildings that contain 20 or more residential living units. These can be individual buildings as well as properties with multiple buildings.